How to Build a Chopper Oil Tank

How to Build a Chopper Oil Tank

A Harley Davidson Ironhead chopper oil tank is very important. It helps the engine mechanically survive. One can be built to carry the minimum three quarts of oil. It can then hold enough of the right grade of oil no matter where the chopper gets rode. Since choppers are custom motorcycles not every oil tank up for sale can be guaranteed it will fit where it belongs just right. Here is how to build one that will definitely work as it should.


How To Build A Chopper Oil Tank Puzzle

The how to build a chopper oil tank puzzle produces several questions. That is because there is a thing that every biker riding a chopper can easily admit. Their custom motorcycle is a lot different than many others. Only a few of them build a chopper that exactly matches all the others on the road. There is just a couple things that all choppers usually match at. The custom Harley Davidson motorcycle can’t use the stock oil tank than came with it before it was customized. The custom frame doesn’t always have as much free space between it and  the rear cylinder head as the stock one did. The custom chopper rear fender and non stock exhaust pipes tend to infringe on free space as well. The battery gets placed in some convenient spot so the electric starter doesn’t get lost. One has to figure out exactly where the chopper oil tank should bolt into place. That and how much oil it should hold really the chopper oil tank design get figured out. Why can’t I just make the stock oil tank small enough to slide into place?

How To Build A Chopper Oil Tank Requirement

One how to build a chopper oil tank requirement needs to be observed. Before you build a chopper oil tank the amount of oil it should carry needs to be understood. Thirty years ago chopper builders couldn’t always get a custom oil tank that really held enough oil to keep their Harley chopper engine alive. Many of them used an in line oil cooler. That was nice and helpful while riding the chopper through slow moving traffic in real hot areas. It’s just that once the temperature dropped to fifty degrees the bikers had to cover the oil cooler or the oil could get cold enough to damage the chopper engine valves. When a biker has to build a chopper oil tank that is smaller than the stock one the biker should call a Harley Davidson trained mechanic and find out exactly how much it really should hold. A custom motorcycle shop can tell you what is the minimum it should hold, what is the best amount for long runs and what is the amount of oil the engine get by fine with. Why does building a chopper oil tank have to be so puzzling?

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